This contract explains your rights & responsibilities and ours. The contract can only be changed by written agreement between you and us.

Moving items is risky. Please pay close attention to our terms and conditions and what is expected from you. Our liability for loss or damage is limited. This means we are not responsible for all losses or damages you might suffer.

Our quotation

Once you accept our quotation, we will confirm availability for the date and time requested immediately.
You agree to pay extra charges if:

  1. You do not cancel the order on time.
  2. You cause any delay to the work.
  3. You ask us to do any extra work that was not included in our quotation.

Cancellation or postponement

Cancellations must be reported 12 hours before the agreed changeover date.
We may charge you a reasonable amount to cover our expenses or loss of income if you delay to cancel any work you asked us to do for you.

Payment of our charges

  • We may charge a reasonable deposit for any advance booking of our services. 
  • We can send you an invoice of the payment with our bank details if required.
  • You must pay our charges in cash or by card as soon as the job is done. Extra charges for overtime should also be paid immediately.
  • If you pay the amount you owe us late, we may charge you interest for late payment or forward the bill to the debt collectors. 
  • We will provide you a receipt of your payment.
  • If the customer is not present and cannot be reached when the team arrives at the destination, the customer will be charged a reasonable amount to compensate our travel expenses and loss of income. 


Make sure you have a valid insurance for a change. The best insurance is the customer's own home insurance. Notify your insurance company about the changeover date. Pro-Mover's liability for damage to the movable property is based on statutory road transport insurance (20€/kg). If, by accident during the moving, the customer's belongings are damaged, you should first contact your own insurance company for compensation.


Customer must make a written complaint to Pro-Movers within 7 days. Otherwise, Pro-Movers has no liability for the damage caused. 
Value of the asset to be compensated must be verified. 
Our employee should be present to clearly identify and verify the event that led to damage of the goods and property. Damage is not compensated if the event is duplicated

Your responsibilities

You are solely responsible for all the following;

  • Make sure that none of your items is left behind by mistake.
  • You are responsible for your house keys or other means of access.
  • Prepare any appliance or equipment before it is removed e.g. unplugging dishwasher, washing machine and lamps. If you need assistance with unplugging these equipment, inform us on time so the migrants come with the necessary tools.
  • Lock away any valuables such as money, jewelry etc.
  • Arrange for security of your items when they are collected and delivered by being there yourself or someone else to represent you.
  • Arrange protection of your items by wrapping and packing them correctly. Scratched furniture is not replaced if not well packaged by the customer. Pro-Movers will handle your items with care during loading, transportation and unloading. 
  • Inform the movers to handle the fragile goods e.g glass, dishes and mirrors with care and you must package them securely 
  • Inform about very heavy items like Piano beforehand so the movers come well prepared with the necessary tools
  • Mark the items with their destination rooms in the new location (e.g. kitchen stuff, Living-room stuff) to save time and avoid unnecessary movements
  • Make sure the removable boxes you used to pack your items are not too heavy. The boxes should be stable for easy transfer. (Ensure the bottom of the boxes do not open when lifting incase you used cardboard boxes)
  • Protection of floors and surfaces during the moving process is always the responsibility of the customer. 
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