Domestic Move

We offer the cheapest moving prices without compromising the quality of our work. The objective is to cover a wide range of consumers including students who do not need to pay hefty prices when moving from one apartment to another.

We offer all kinds of moving services such as buying a table or furniture from any shop, which may not fit, in your smaller vehicle, or moving office equipment from one location to another. Feel free to let us know how we could assist you.

Fill out our request for a quote form so we can provide you with the best offer to suit your moving needs. You can request how many movers you need, the size of the moving van you prefer and we will be right there to assist you. We can also help you to approximate the moving time if you are not sure. This will depend on size of your apartment, the amount of furniture you have and the distance from your old home to new home.

Our moving staff are well trained in ensuring we spend the least time possible during the moving process to save your money. You support us by ordering from us and we support you by ensuring you spend less. Your commodities will be safe with us and we are continually innovating our work so we can serve our customers in a professional manner.

Moving Help

Can i hire movers to pack, load or unload my truck?

You have a got a moving truck. Yes, you can hire our movers to load or unload it. Just call us at 0452114444 or email at us and we will be on our way.

Why hire Pro-Movers to load & unload?

The obvious benefit of hiring our movers is that you don’t need to carry the heavy furniture. However, there are many other benefits for requesting for moving help include:

  •  Save Time

Our team of professional movers are faster because of experience. And surely, you are guaranteed less time in moving your furniture and more time to arrive to in your new home.

  •  Maximize usable space

Our workers are skilled individuals. They will ensure you utilize the rented space of your truck effectively.

  • Reduce Damage

Loading the items correctly so they will not shift during transportation. This will result in lower probability of damage to occur.

  • Save Money

Hiring movers for a few hours will definitely save you money than loading it yourself or with a group of friends. Also, loading the items in a good body posture is essential to your health. Hire professionals to keep you away from hospital bills.

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